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Here are the courses that are included in your bundle.

The Signature JAB Curriculum

inspired by the Creator's dream of becoming the first black woman to be featured in an American live/animated television series, each class is in episode format and includes three segments:

  • Ballet Technique Education

    We open each episode with the super fun JAB theme song, warm up, and an interactive virtual ballet class utilizing fun props from the program's Welcome Ballet Bag. This is perfect for grades PreK-2nd grade.

  • Self Love Affirmations

    Next, your child will be empowered to love themselves as we discuss what it means to be graceful, strong, pretty, and expressive through life lessons children can easily understand and apply!

  • Performances from Professional Dancers

    Finally, Seeing is believing! What better way to expose children to the classical arts by partnering with professional dancers who believe in the program enough to share their live/prerecorded performances! What a treat!

Pricing options

Access mean everything to the JAB brand and mission. Now, it doesn't matter what country you are from or if there is a studio where you live. June will be ready, on demand to teach your little ones all about ballet and self love! Plus, your $24.99/month subscription is about 75% lower than traditional dance schools. We are the future of dance education!

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We can't wait for to be apart of our global dance family!

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