Each Episode is FULL of entertainment, education, purpose, and value!

EPISODE 1 : I AM GRACEFUL featuring Nayara Lopes, Soloist, Pennsylvania Ballet

EPISODE 2 : I AM STRONG featuring Coley Curry, MFA, Arizona State University

EPISODE 3 : I AM BALANCED featuring Hannah Victoria Collections, MFA, Arizona State University

EPISODE 4 : I AM PRETTY featuring Nia Hampton, Professional NBA Dancer, Charolotte Hornets

EPISODE 5 : I AM IMPORTANT featuring Kalela Massey - Soloist, University of Georgia Ballet Ensemble

EPISODE 6 :  I AM EXPRESSIVE featuring Lenataa Goku, Soloist, Freelance Artist

EPISODE 7 :  I AM UNIQUE featuring Juliana Missano, Company Dancer, Atlanta Ballet

EPISODE 8 : I AM A STAR! featuring Cierra Thompson, Founder, June's Academy of Ballet


Instilling our young girls with poise, grace, confidence, and creativity through the art of ballet.

  • Cognitive Development

    The National Dance Education Organization points out that preschoolers learn best through movement, because it makes new subjects more concrete for young minds. Dance enhances sensory awareness, boosting your child’s memory and ability to concentrate. Because it is a pre-verbal form of expression, dance can help with early reading and writing. For example, creative movement can make new vocabulary words easier to remember. Rhythm and counting make dancing an excellent activity for introducing new math concepts.

  • Social Emotional Skills

    Physical activities such as dancing promote healthy social skills and self-esteem. Dance encourages positive social encounters with peers and teachers. This builds social skills like teamwork, communication, trust and respect for others. Kids learn self awareness and how to express emotions appropriately through creative movement. Learning just a few easy steps can lower performance anxiety, so your child may feel more confident participating in group activities or giving a presentation.

  • Physical Fitness

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recently reported that over half of U.S. kids don’t get enough physical activity, and that young children in particular get less exercise than older kids. Dance makes moving fun and promotes healthy motor skill development, like range of motion, coordination, strength, endurance, good posture, and balance.